Friday, 18 November 2011

You let her suffer, you are a loser, 
You let her cry, You are damn.

She's done to you, she's cried for you, she's yours. My baby. 
Are you gonna make a change? When do you wanna make a move?
Tell me now, She's crazy about you now,

She can't live with out you, She oughtn't be this way,
She needs your appreciation,
Be the one Be the someone Be the else care for her.
She definitely needs a shelter to hug you in deep.

Oh my baby, you scream, you cry, you make the world stops,
you means to me more, and I gonna let you know.
You are wonderful, you are gorgeous and
you are incomparable.
What you need now is to hug me down,
hold my hands and feel the secure that I tried to give you.

My dear Lord, wishing You to give the strength to us,
To the strength to me to be bold to say,
I love you. Joanne Jia Yuan

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